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Welcome to’s Content Hub…we’re here to help you get started and navigate for the best user experience.

Welcome to’s Content Hub! We’re here to help you maximize your experience on and the Flow Blockchain. There are plenty of wonderful resources across Flow and so much to do, but we’re trying to zero in on best practices for a more streamlined user experience.

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Navigating the Content Hub

Think of our content hub as a complementary piece to our marketplace… get your information and updates here, and do your browsing, purchasing, and more on the marketplace.

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Newsletter: Flowty Newsletter publication feed.

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Reference: Links to Developer Docs and Product Docs, including FAQs, Troubleshooting help, and more.

Offerings’s marketplace contains three types of listings: Purchase, Rental, and Loan. We are currently the only platform on the Flow Blockchain with NFT-Backed Loans and NFT Rentals capabilities, and continue to add features and enhancements to our secondary marketplace.

Buy Now Listings

Users can list their Flow NFTs for purchase using either their Dapper or non-Dapper wallet. Dapper wallet NFTs can be listed/purchased in Dapper Balance or Dapper FLOW, while non-Dapper wallet (Blocto, Lilico, Flipper) NFTs can be listed/purchased in FLOW or USDC.

NFT-Backed Loans

An NFT-Backed Loan is a P2P Personal Loan with an NFT used as collateral. The Borrower sets his/her own terms (Amount, Repayment, Duration) and prospective Lenders decide on funding loans based on the terms (Loan Rate, LTV, etc). The NFT is held in an ownerless smart contract during the duration of the loan and is either 1) returned to the Borrower upon repayment, or 2) sent to the Lender if the loan is in default. For more on NFT-Backed Loans, check out this short video.

NFT Rentals

NFT Rentals are ideal for short-term uses, including challenge completions, airdrops, gated access, and more. A Renter pays a Rental Fee and a Refundable Deposit Amount.

What You Can Do

Flowty boasts several features from which every collector will benefit:

  • Robust Marketplace Filters - easy filtering by collection & trait

  • Price Parameters - set various Min/Max parameters on price, discount, FMV, loan duration, loan amount, and more

  • Save Custom View - save your searches and return anytime

  • Multiple Sorting Options - four sorting options on Purchase Listings, six sorting options on Loan Listings, five sorting options on Rental Listings

  • Offers - make offers in Dapper, USDC, or FLOW on any NFTs on Flow, including unlisted items

  • 3rd Party FMV - for NBA Top Shot and NFL All Day moments, powered by Own The Moment

  • Discount Badges - list your NBA Top Shot and NFL All Day moments at 5%+ below FMV to receive a discount badge

  • View NFT in Dapper Inventory - go straight to your NFT without having to scroll page by page in Dapper

  • Update Listing Price - update your listing price without having to delist first

Flowty Checklist

In your Account Settings, have you…

  • Set a username?

  • Entered your email?

  • Uploaded an Avatar?

  • Linked your Twitter/X account?

For best practices, do you know how to…

  • Set up a Blocto wallet?

  • View an NFT in your Dapper wallet?

  • Withdraw an NFT from your Dapper wallet?

On Flowty, do you know how to…

  • View your collection?

  • Use the marketplace filters?

  • Make an offer?

  • Accept an offer?

  • Update a listing?

  • Transfer an NFT?

User Testimonials

“Thanks @flowty_io - for making it easy to sell.

And easy for a new buyer to onboard onto flowty as well.”

  • @damochaprince

“One of my new favorite feelings is funding a @flowty_io loan that I actually want the borrower to default on even though the loan has a high interest rate. #WinWin 😁👌

  • @InspiredByMamba

“This was actually my first transaction through flowty! I was shocked to see how easy it was! 5 more Rookie Revelations to complete my first Lego set…”

  • @CoachFinstock85


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