The Flowty Newsletter aims to bring more traditional publications and more substantial community interaction to the Flow ecosystem while cutting out the fluff and zeroing in on major topics. Equipped with Flowty Updates, Flow Blockchain news, collection and project updates, NFT listings, feature pieces, and more, the Flowty Newsletter can be your one-stop-shop for important news and updates across Flow.

The Flowty Newsletter is split into three publications:

Monthly Publication - The Flagship publication of the Flowty Newsletter, delivered once a month via Emai, Substack Post, Interactive Viewing, PDF Download, and Audio Recording.

Mid-Month Check-in - A shorter publication put out once a month summarizing early-month activities and more. This edition will be delivered via Email and Substack Post.

Special Editions - Whether for a feature update, tutorial, collection spotlight, etc, we will from time to time release short one-off editions vie Email, Substack Post, Interactive Viewing, and PDF Download.

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Latest Edition

Edition 2 | August 3rd, 2023

Edition 2 of the Monthly Publication featuring updates on NBA Top Shot, Rogue Studios, Q2 Flow Report from DappRadar, and plenty more.

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Edition 2 | August 3, 2023

Libruary launches Flow Nexus, the return of The Owner’s Club from OTM, Hackathon Q&A, and more.

Special Edition: Metadata Standards | July 21, 2023

Best metadata practices for Collection & Trait display on Flowty and across Flow Blockchain. Special Edition for Developers!

Edition 1 | July 12, 2023

NBA Con, Flovatar DUST Launch, Own The Moment’s Jolly July, Loans 101, Flow Hackathon, and more.

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